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Simplifying Your Life with Chronic Illness- The Bedroom

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The bed and the bedroom is probably one of the most important places for the chronic illness sufferer. Good, restful sleep is high on the list of healthcare protocols for wellbeing and for coping with day to day life, whether you are ill or not and it is of major value in treating illness.

 The condition of your bed and bedroom will help add to the quality of your sleep, and even if you are not sleeping well, a comfy bed and a clutter free space is more calming.
If your bedroom needs some attention go into it right now and sit with paper and pen and make a list of what could be done.

The list might include:

Decluttering and moving out things that don’t belong.

Packing away clothes.

Creating space on your nightstand.

Organising the things you need at night or when unwell so they are at hand or easy to get to.

Sorting out books etc 

Hanging pictures.

Creating atmosphere.

Buying new pillows, adding a mattress topper to the bed.

Making any adjustments you can to reduce noise or light or other irritations.
The bed-

If you are able, outfitting the bed in comfortable linens will make a difference. This can be done as you can afford it and as items go on sale. Have a running shopping list of your needs and wants in your purse or on your phone.
Make the bed every day if you can. Even if you think you are getting back in it before too long. It just feels better to look at and to get into and it saves embarrassment if someone comes by. It doesn’t have to be perfect either.You can even start pulling up the sheets and various layers while you are still laying down, then straighten them up when you get up and plump up the pillows. Or you can make one side first and then the other and skip tucking when you can’t do it.And for the ultimate in ease in bedmaking you can forgo a sheet and blankets, if it doesn’t bother you, and just have a fitted sheet on the mattress and a quilt with a washable cover, that is easily pulled up in the morning. Children can do this too, they often prefer it to the tangle sheets can make.
You may need more pillows that the average person for comfortable sleeping and as props. A cot pillow or another small pillow placed under the knee or any tender spot may help. Use as many as you need. Regular pillows can be used to support the neck and arms. Make sure the pillow slips are gentle on your skin. Large pillows can support your back and prop you up while reading etc. pillows can prop up books or a iPad etc to give arms a rest. Do some research online and try some different types of pillows out instore or at home. Possibilities such as down or memory foam might work for you. I find comfortable pillows are an individual preference.
If you need an electric blanket to relieve pain and wish to leave it on the bed during the summer months-do it. Why not use the type of bedding that makes you as comfortable as possible? Do whatever you can to make the bed as comfortable as possible.
It is not going to help your spirits to lay in bed and look at clutter, laundry that needs to be packed away and a treadmill that gathers dust. If you have piles of paperwork, books, craft projects that you can see that need attention it is going to stress you out.

Bit by bit, if you need to,  take away what doesn’t bring you peace or add to your immediate wellbeing. Wherever possible move the clutter completely out of the home. Be careful what you bring back in. Use pictures of rooms you like as inspiration for creating your own serene space.  Make space to add some flowers, a candle, a frame etc. Make space for your mind to be clear. 

Maintain your space by keeping up with the tidying. If  you are doing your own housework, keep it simple, but follow through on each job. If putting away laundry is your problem area do smaller loads and remind yourself that the two minutes it takes to put the clothes away is worth it for your serenity, and won’t really make a difference to your energy levels in a negative way. 

If lights, noise, drafts, smells bother you do something if you can to rectify the issue. Block out curtains, covering lights on the tv with tape, sealing gaps in windows and around the door, and keeping ear plugs handy can all help your quality of sleep.

Sweet dreams 💤

Let me know your ideas and what’s worked for you. Share in the comments 😊🌟

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Could You Use a Little More Sparkle?

Book Review

Don’t Let Anything Dull Your Sparkle
. Doreen Virtue.

Could You Use a Little More Sparkle? 

Doreen Virtue knows what it’s like to lose her sparkle and delving deeper into why and how her stress and exhaustion had taken over, led her to research and write this book- and get her sparkle back.

As a clairvoyant Doctor of Psychology, best selling author, speaker and more, she is just about as busy as anyone can be and subjected to stress as we all are, and her knowledge of psychology and the mind-body connection was the basis of finding out how we lose our sparkle, and how to get it back.

Some of these answers she found may surprise you- like just how we ‘attract’ drama into our lives, or the role of histamine in our body,and how past trauma has long-term effects on our health and mood.

Other causes we might have heard before, like relationship dynamics and diet and exercise, but we may find something new in the possible solutions offered. For instance, I was very happy to learn that “Gentle exercise is actually a better method for weight loss, because little or no cortisol is produced. So your body becomes more “fuel-efficient” in terms of burning off the food you eat.” Hooray! No more guilt over not being a runner, or gym junkie 😃.

Don’t Let Anything Dull Your Sparkle will gently and compassionately guide you in clearing out the drama and getting your sparkle back.

Shining Quotes

⭐️ “If… you’re stressed-out and tired, you’re overwhelmed by your sensitivity, you don’t feel good about yourself, you push yourself to go faster, you’re forgetful and can’t focus, there’s too much drama and negativity in your life, your relationships are difficult, your body isn’t cooperating, your career is stressful . . . then it’s time to recover your sparkle!”

⭐ ️“Trauma has touched virtually everyone on this planet, especially secondary trauma from watching too many news clips of horrors and tragedy. Trauma is also the reason why we’re addicted to reality television, celebrity gossip, frightening movies, and dramatic friends. Unhealed trauma is behind our health, weight, addiction, sleep, and relationship issues”.

⭐️ ”Some people believe that stress is something outside themselves that happens to them. Yet, once you reach adulthood and have the ability to make your own lifestyle choices, you really do have the option of a low-stress life. If that possibility sounds boring or impossible, this is a sign of drama addiction.”

⭐️” Behind every highly dramatic person, there’s an unresolved trauma. Drama is his or her way of asking for love, and begging for help and understanding”.

Don’t Let Anything Dull Your Sparkle is published by Hay House .

Visit Doreen Virtue at her website.

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