A New Way To Look At Housework

How timely it is that I have come across this poem during the school holidays. It must be a divine reminder to me not to lose my cool over the sticky fingered fridge and crumb covered floors that the school holidays bring, not to mention the mountains of laundry and endless meals and snacks and the overflowing shopping trolley that comes with it.
I heard Mom say as she scrubbed today,
‘I’m thankful for brushes and brooms.

I’m glad to clean my cozy house

That’s filled with cheerful rooms.’
I heard Mom say at the washing machine,

‘I’m thankful for dirty clothes.

I’m glad that I have a healthy child

Who can play each day she grows.’
I heard Mom say at the sink tonight,

‘I’m thankful for dirty dishes.

I’m glad we filled our plates with food

Instead of empty wishes.’
I heard Mom say in her prayers tonight,

‘I’m thankful for problems today.

If life never got a little bit rough,

I might forget to pray.’ ”
Gilbert V. Beers

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