Spring Things To Do

It’s about to become Spring here in the southern hemisphere and where I am in Sydney Australia it’s sunny and breezy today. The dawning of Spring  is often associated with new things and cleaning. Here are a few ideas I’ve gathered from various sources (thank you sources, though I don’t know who you are now 😊) to start spring off with some fresh, new beginnings.

Some Spring Things. 

And if it’s not Spring where you are, the first of the month, the first day of the week or the next minute after you ready this are all good times to begin a fresh start.

Natural cleaning- Start phasing out chemical cleaning products and try using natural products like vinegar, bi-carb and essential oils. Look at my post here for natural ways to clean the fridge and microwave.

Decluttering- A great way to begin decluttering if you want to start slow or have trouble getting rid of things is the compound method. On day one declutter one thing, on day two declutter two things and so on. Work your way through the month.

Vision board- Make a vision board of one of your goals or the way you want your life to be. Use an app or Pinterest or go old school with pictures and words cut out from magazines pasted onto cardboard or into a scrapbook. Visualising your goals and desires helps manifest them.

Exercise- Start doing the type of exercise that you like and keep it relaxed yet consistent. Start slow if you have to or need to, something is better than nothing. Walk, dance, exercise to dvd’s and YouTube, bushwalk, Qi gong, play with the kids, climb the stairs. Keep experimenting, keep moving daily-even gently.

Diet- Cleaning up your diet can be hard to sustain- I can’t do it and probably won’t, in fact I don’t even want to because when I’ve been on a restrictive allergy or weight loss diet I’ve been miserable and  felt very excluded from life.  The easier approach is to begin making some changes and substitutions- one thing or one meal at a time. Change biscuits for morning tea to fruit, do it most days. Or substitute meat for fish or chips for popcorn, do it most days. Enjoy your treats and splurges. Be grateful for fresh and healthy and abundant food.

Saving- Save money now for Christmas, a holiday, a rainy day or any other goal. Try saving all your coins instead of spending them , transfer money into your savings account the day you get paid or finding a saving system that works for you. I will have a future post on this.

Giving- Give some money, give some time, donate your clutter, give a complement, give a smile, make small talk with a stranger or an aquantance – you never know who needed a connection with a caring human to save them that day,pray for someone or the world.
Thanking- be grateful, say it ,think it, write it- in a journal or in a thank you card or text to someone. Thank people in person or write it or write to their companies head office or their boss. Give thanks for clean water, electricity, your kids, your car, your strong legs, your friends, your safety.

Affirming- Start the practice of  aiming for positive thoughts, words and self talk . This can turn your day and your life around. Take as much time as you need to keep counteracting the negative with positive. Preempt the negative by saying affirmations throughout the day. Post them on your mirror, fridge and social media. Read and listen to and watch affirmations – check out Louise Hay, the affirmation queen.

Reading/learning- Read every day, you can read more than one book at time, you can mix fiction and non fiction. Watch things that teach you something. Learn a skill. Take a course. Listen to people. If someone asks you something you don’t know-find out about it. If a child asks you or is interested in something find out about it together.

Being present- Take your eyes off the screen, look at people, watch your kids, let them see that you see them and hear them, turn off the background noise, look at the scenery, watch the road, try mindfulness.

Simplifying- Simplify your life for a more relaxed life with more time for what you want to do. Check out some of my posts on simplifying things such as  Life when you’re sick or tired or Mornings  or  Breakfast or Lunch boxes. Read this blog, other blogs and books and watch YouTube videos on simplifying. Find out what works for you. Figure out what you can let go. 

Slowing down- Use your simplified life to have more down time, alone or with your family and friends. Enjoy the seasons-the weather, the seasonal or festive food, the changes in nature. Be a homebody, try Hygge for a comfortable life, drive slower, walk slower, eat and drink and talk slower, amble and wander.
Let me know about your Spring things in the comments below or on Facebook  😊🌟💛


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