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Minimalist Must Have- Earth Choice Naturally Naked Product Review

Earth Choice
Earth Choice Naturally Naked Dishwash Concentrate is my new mulitasking minimalist dream product-I use it to wash dishes and…

I used it as a hand wash!

Yes I do and it’s perfectly fine and suitable for me because I have sensitive skin and stay away from most fragrances and I am washing up or washing my hands ALL THE TIME!

It has no fragrances or dyes (it is colour free so it is minimal and looks good with any colour scheme), is plant based and contains Aloe Vera Extract and is vegan and cruelty free and is Australian made and owned-and it’s sold at a great price at Woolworths.

Best of all there is now one one soap dispenser on each sink-aah…  The one in the bathroom handles hand washing, washing makeup brushes and sometimes delicates and I’ll even use it for a quick clean up of the sink or floor. The one in the kitchen is for dishwashing, cleaning and hand washing . I buy a bottle, pour half into each recycled soap dispenser and recycle the bottle- too easy-one thing to buy, store and recycle.

I will be talking about more favourite products and would love to hear yours too in the comments 😊🌟

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