Happy Birthday (bargains) To Me! *1*

For the month of January (my birthday month) I am going to share my birthday vouchers and discount offers with you. I join many VIP or loyalty clubs online for merchants where I shop or would like to shop and then wait for the birthday vouchers to roll in.
Most are from women’s fashion retailers because I find I get the most value from their vouchers as a way of updating my wardrobe. I save any $5 notes I get as change for a few months, add any Christmas or birthday money or vouchers I have been given and since January is also a huge sale month I usually do pretty well and save BIG!

I don’t sign up to many food or resturant VIP clubs, but for those interested their free birthday meals etc may be worth signing up for too. The Cheesecake Shop, Sumo Salad, Boost juice, Muffin Break plus many other chain and local companies off free deals and meals for your birthday day or month.

I might add that since I live a simple life and I don’t  wish to spend money for the sake of it, I do not take advantage of all the offers I get. If I can’t find something I want or need without adding too much more of my own cash from a particular company then I let the offer expire. I also consider if any postage costs are worth it.
Now for the first offer!

Strandbags Loyalty Club

Strandbags offer their loyalty club members a 10% off any full priced or promotional item in store or online. I have 31 days to use the voucher code emailed to me and Strandbags are currently featuring 25% off online, up to 50% off seasonal and up to 60% off luggage and store collection may be available on items in stock, so I can shop at home and avoid postage costs.

Sign up to Strandbags Loyalty Club in the link above or here.

I’m going to have a good look through the online store. I’ll let you know if I buy anything. 

See you when I get my next birthday voucher.

Simple Life Mum

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday (bargains) To Me! *1*

  1. Ness says:

    I loved reading this! I do exactly the same thing on my birthday and I love a good bargain 🙂 I definitely signed up to some new loyalty programs I wasn’t aware of so thanks heaps.


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