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Simple Breakfast Ideas to Get You Out the Door


Maybe you or your family have a ‘go to’ breakfast like cereal or toast with an egg for example,but some people have problems eating breakfast due to reasons that can be easily remedied with a little planning or creativity.

Lets look at a few common problems and some possible solutions;

* Being too rushed- planning breakfast, establishing a morning routine and simplifying can help you have the time to sit down and enjoy your breakfast-even if you have kids!

* You or your child have no appetite in the morning or are more ‘selective’ in your food choices (I deleted the word ‘fussy’ since being  selective or having preferences about tastes, textures etc. is common and a big part of my life being a highly sensitive person-so no judgements here)-thinking outside the ‘cereal box’ will help. Typical breakfast food are NOT the only thing that need be on the menu. A hot breakfast of leftovers is something worth trying.

* Your family wants a hot breakfast or craves variety- a little planning and pre-preparation will allow you to serve a pleasing breakfast.

* When you think about the cooking and clean up cereal or toast is just easier- True, a quick and easy breakfast is a great idea, but there are options if you are willing to plan ahead.

Any of the following ideas are worth considering if you want to simplify breakfast or enjoy a more substantial breakfast without stress or taking too much time.

* Write a list of possible meal ideas that you and your family enjoy. Look at Pinterest, recipe books and blogs etc. Refer back to this list when preparing the grocery list. Also think about these options when you read the hints below.

* Set the scene the night before -maybe after the dinner clean up- by laying out placemats, crockery, cutlery etc. Think about what pots and utensils you will need and have them ready on a shelf or corner of the counter.

* Prepare any ingredients you can ahead of time. When you are preparing ingredients for another meal STOP AND THINK if you can also prepare something else now for another meal. Say you are chopping veggies for dinner, spend a couple of minutes chopping some more for an omelette or similar. Store them extra in a ziplock bag or airtight container and it will be available for the next few days. There are also plenty of recipes out there for overnight oats etc, again check out Pinterest for inspiration.

* Pre- measure dry ingredients for your own ‘make-ahead’ mixes. If your are making or planning to make muffins, scones, piklets etc measure a few extra batches of the dry ingredients and store these in labelled plastic containers in the pantry. On the inside of the pantry door have a copy of each recipe with the ingredient list divided into dry and wet categories and also include the method and oven temperature. When you want to make the item the recipe is within easy reach. You will already have the dry ingredients measured and sifted and need to simply add the wet ingredients, mix and cook.

* Love your leftovers- Who says you can’t have leftovers for breakfast? I’m not really suggesting the leftover,cold pizza, I mean leftover fried rice and other rice dishes, savoury mince, roast veggies on toast or added to a frittata -there are as many options as your appetite and imagination allows. Look at what other cultures eat for breakfast-it’s not all porridge and vegemite on toast .

* Go to google. Hit the recipe sites and check out some of the free recipe websites,blogs,YouTube videos etc. While looking online one idea that was new to me was Breakfast in a Mug- google it and see what you come up with. Also don’t forget the magazines and recipe books you already have or that are available at the library. Maybe it is possible for you to decide to try one new recipe a month.
* Just kidding around- it won’t work for some, but in some cases kids can help with breakfast preparation, and making their own food might entice some to eat it. At the very least, everyone can help with the clean up so you are not faced later on in the day with cereal cemented on bowls.

* The most important tip is that any morning will run more smoothly if routines are in place and followed. A morning routine of eating,dressing,packing bags and making beds before any T.V. or electronic devices are allowed will motivate some to move a little faster and eliminate panic and raised voices most of the time. An afternoon routine done the day before where books and sports gear for the next day is assembled, uniforms readied and lunches packed with bags and keys accounted for will add even more time to your mornings. These routines plus getting to bed early enough might even get you a extra cup of coffee in the morning!

No one likes to feel rushed in the morning and no one likes to be late and stressed. It is also a sad start to the day when you have sent the kids off to school without a proper breakfast or with the sound of a nagging, scolding voice setting the tone of the day- they will probably soon forget about it, but you will likely feel crummy all day. A small change here and there, a little planning and preparation, even gaining a few extra minutes to your morning can make all the difference.

Feel welcome to comment with your tips and breakfast ideas.

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